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A guide to sets and reps

Muscle building is a complex issue with rep ranges being one of the most highly discussed and disputed topics.

Recipe to try - Delicious Korean Beef

Consistently hitting your calories is key, for this you need to know what you need each day and what you are consuming each day. Whilst this recipe isn't designed for your calorie needs it does provide you a delicious and healthy option you can try.

Intermittent fasting - What is intermittent fasting?

Intermittent fasting covers a number of methods of adapting food intake to provide periods of fasting. The two most common are: Alternate day fasting – eat one day, don't eat the next. And Time restricted feeding – fast 16-20 hours, eat 4-8 hours

5 Simple steps for easy fat loss

Fat loss as a subject is massively overcomplicated by the media and health and fitness industry. Generally, they are either trying to sell you something or just applying good old click bait tactics.

Fasted cardio uncovered

Fasted cardio is exercising on an empty stomach. Why? People say it means you burn more fat. What does the research say?

How to get a 6 pack in 12 weeks?

Do you ever look at other people’s progress and wonder how it is even possible? Why some people achieve their goals and others miss them?