Film Fitness & Projects

Over The past 8 years David Kingsbury has built a reputation for delivering world class results to the film industry. His comprehensive service covering all aspects of health, fitness and nutrition ensures results are delivered efficiently in the time required.

Film Fitness

When the right look is integral to the story, believability of the character and promotion material of a film you simply cannot rely on chance or guess work for guaranteed results. We completely manage every aspect of training with the end goal in mind so that the cast can focus on their immediate and more important tasks.

Our management always exceeds expectation from improved stunt performance to “hard to believe” physical results on screen. I have trained over 50 lead actors for various roles, in films such as; Wolverine, Xmen – Days of Future Past, Assassins Creed, Life and Les Misérables.

David has experience working with both men and women working towards a variety of goals, from drastically increasing muscle mass to extreme weight loss.

Online Training

I am very proud of my achievements within the film industry, but I am honoured and humbled by my work with my #teamkingsbury online clients. No big Hollywood budgets in site, that paired with busy family/work schedules and yet still some of the most amazing results I have ever seen.

I pride myself on trying to help as many people as possible achieve their goals. For me it isn’t about celebrity and high profile clients, it’s much more about determination and dedication to achieve results, no matter who you are.