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The home of the best online personal training, brought to you by celebrity personal trainer David Kingsbury. Whether you are looking to get lean, lose fat or add muscle my custom meals plans and training plans can get you there.

Why Online Training

I believe the innovation and quality of my online personal training, products and techniques to be industry leading and provide you, the customer, with everything you need to achieve results now and to equip you for a life of ongoing health and fitness

Custom Training

Experience how training designed for you are your goals makes achieving your results not just possible but inevitable. 

Calculated Nutrition

See how personalised, calculated nutrition and optimised macros release the breaks on your progress. 

Real Results

Want proven techniques and expert coach in your corner every step? Don’t just take my word for it, let my results do the talking


Film Fitness

I have worked with 50+ actors and actresses over the past 10 years building a reputation for hero worthy results at the highest level. 

Some of my film projects

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Film personal training & nutrition

I am very fortunate to do what I do for a living. My job as a personal trainer has taken me all over the world and I have had some extraordinary experiences with my work. Whilst some aspects of my career have been unusual, from red carpet premiers and working on film sets to travelling the world. I am still the same person I was starting out in the fitness industry over a decade ago as a fresh faced 17 year old.

I take my own physical fitness very seriously. I have done my whole life, through a number of sports and activities for as long as I can remember. Being physically fit now helps to keep me focussed on my business and the high energy . . .

Your fitness  & wellness journey starts here

The home of the best online personal training, brought to you by celebrity personal trainer David Kingsbury. Whether you are looking to get lean, lose fat or add muscle my custom meals plans and training plans can get you there.

The custom calorie nutrition and personalised training plans I provide are lifestyle focussed and suit both men and women as each and every meal and training plan is custom built. Your results. Made to order by David Kingsbury.

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About Me

My name is David Kingsbury, I am 32 and a dad of two and we live in Buckinghamshire, England. 

I have been a personal trainer since I was 17 years old and owned my own private personal training studio at Pinewood Film studios since 2010 and have just opened my second commercial gym K1 Beaconsfield. I am best known for my work as a personal trainer to the film industry where I have trained 50+ actors on dozens of films. Clients have included, Hugh Jackman, Ryan Reynolds, Jake Glyenhall, Chris Hemsworth, Michael Fasbender, Eva Green and Jessica Chastain to name just a few!!!

What my clients say:

Outstanding level of knowledge and support. Made the process really simple and easy to follow. Would highly recommend.

Great experience with David. Motivation is back in droves and the support is awesome. Tailored nutrition and a multitude of training options dependant on your personal circumstances and affordability. Also getting to speak 1 to 1 and discuss what it is you are after so that the program can be specifically tailored has made all the difference. Thank you so much for reigniting my enthusiasm to get fit at 41yrs old.

David has been a real inspiration and a book of knowledge in terms of training. The way he goes about providing training is superb and in a very inspiring way. His results and clients speak for themselves.

Unleash Your Inner Alpha with Taurine

Ahoy, fellow alpha energy-seekers! Ever wondered what it might take to defy aging, rock high testosterone, and strut your stuff with unshakable confidence? Well, gather ’round, because we’re diving headfirst into the fantastic world of taurine – a not-so-secret sauce for testosterone, mood-boosting dopamine, and all-around high energy status.

Testosterone in Decline

Testosterone is a hormone that has a huge number of positive benefits. It’s also produced naturally by the body, in men and women alike. More testosterone makes it easier to build muscle. It affects your mood, raising confidence, reducing anxiety, and makes you feel younger, more energised, and more motivated. It also boosts your libido. It supports your health, helps reduce body fat, improves heart function, and improves bone strength.


I’ve talked quite a bit about fat loss in the past, but today I’m going to help you prioritise your effort for an honest look at fat loss and body composition.