Films I've worked on:

Project manager

Mutant muscle, adamantium abs and
an iconic film physique.


Action, performance and killer bodies to
look and be the part.


All star personal training working
with Hollywood’s elite.


Hi, I’m David, I’m a dad of two, husband, gym owner, author, movie personal trainer and online coach.

I am best known for my work as the personal trainer on films like The Wolverine, X-Men, Assassins Creed and The Huntsman.

For me my job isn't about celebrity and high-profile clients, it's much more about determination and dedication to achieve results, no matter who you are. 

Over the years I have helped thousands of people reach and exceed their goals with custom online personal training & nutrition plans. 

What would it mean to you to drop body fat, build muscle and get in control of your health?

“While these pictures show an exterior transformation, I believe they are representative of how I felt on the the inside. 
Today I am much happier"

"Honestly I didn't think I'd get the results because even though I wanted the results I didn't think with my lifestyle that I'd be able to."

“I remember thinking... Is this really me? I would stand relaxed in front of the mirror staring at my six pack and say to myself... This is crazy. It wasn't really a vanity thing. It was pride in a job well done”

What would life look like if you could simplify and enjoy the entire process of getting in shape and achieve the body you have always wanted?

Be confident in the gym and with your nutrition. 

Never stress about what to eat or how to exercise ever again. Enjoy every day with full confidence in your choices.

Get results with no doubt or guesswork

Stop the constant researching, daily indecision and self-doubt. Stop worrying about the tiny details and get the big picture right.

Look and feel amazing 

Look better, feel better and feel more confident, boost your self-esteem and prove to everyone around you that you can do it.

With the huge quantity of information available what’s stopping you?

Most people I speak to have tried hard to get in shape before, they have worked out, dieted, made sacrifices but never quite reached their goals.

I want to tell you, like I tell them, it’s not your fault.

The fitness industry is guilty of pushing bad advice, generic plans and random tactics on a vast scale

If you’ve tried the magazine workouts, calories and macro tracking, YouTube workouts, expensive supplements and diets like keto and intermitted fasting then it’s time to refocus.

These generic and broad tactics alone mean nothing, they don’t focus on the things that really matter to your success.

Most training fails because it isn’t personalised or focussed on your individual goals.

Consistency and motivation are key to success, but most people lose motivation when results are slow or methods aren’t sustainable.

Results are slow (or non-existent) due to lack of structure and support, an unsustainable or extreme approach or a lack of personalisation to you and your goals.

And the cycle continues. 

Break free from the daily struggles, confusion and trial and error.

Ditch the haphazard and uncalculated approach to nutrition and put an end to training trial and error once and for all. It’s time to be fully rewarded for your hard work with the support you need to finally see it through with online personal training.

A personalised plan designed by me for you

Receive a concise and effective exercise plan, a simple to a follow meal plan with food that’s easy to find.

One on one support

I will hold you accountable and give you a schedule that is easy to follow and doesn’t take up too much time.

Motivation & Care

I will push you, motivate you and keep you on track.


I will learn about your lifestyle, goals and training history, so I can create your personal plan. Your plan is results driven and research-backed to ensure you reach your goals. It will fit comfortably into your lifestyle to create a personal, realistic training and meal plan that works with your schedule.



Your weekly and monthly schedule will be planned in advance, you’ll know exactly what days you need to train, and how to train on those days.
Every session has a clear focus, but the training is balanced to be enjoyable as well as progress driven. Feel confident you are doing everything right and see the immediate difference correct training structure makes. 



Your meal plan provides delicious and simple to prepare recipes that make staying on track easy. I calculate your calories and optimise your macros for the highest level of progress and deliver you hundreds of amazing recipes via your account. Eat food you love and never go hungry whilst still making your best ever progress.



The biggest value with my coaching is having me in your corner, as your support, guiding you towards your goal, and making sure you reach them.

The weekly feedback and check-ins allow you to see the amazing progress you are making and for us to talk through goals, progress and adaption to keep you on track. 


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£ 125Per Month
  • Fully custom training plan by David
  •  Unlimited Email support from David
  • Custom meal plan and macros, amazing recipes
  • Plans designed for you and your lifestyle
  • Weekly check-ins and updates
  • Plans updated each month
  • Monthly subscription (auto renew)
  • Cancel anytime


£ 400Per Month
  •  Weekly one to one Skype sessions   
  •  Fully custom training plan by David
  •  Unlimited Email support from David
  •  Custom meal plan and macros, amazing recipes
  •  Plans designed for you and your lifestyle
  •  Weekly check-ins and updates
  •  Plans updated each month
  •  Monthly subscription (auto renew)
  •  Cancel anytime

How it works

STEP1 - Invest in yourself
As soon as you join I get in touch, and send over the questionnaire. From this point onwards, I am here for you every step of your journey.

STEP2 - Questionnaire
The initial questionnaire covers everything I need to know to build you a truly custom plan. We also talk through every aspect of your health, fitness and goals. All of your input is fully private

STEP3 - Account
The next step is gaining access to your private account page. This is your coaching hub where you receive your training, meal plan and submit progress feedback every week. You also gain exclusive access to progress documents and exercise video library.

STEP 4 - The training
Once I have learnt about you and your goals I begin building your first phase of training. Each phase lasts 4 weeks but isn’t set in stone, at every stage the plan is fully adaptable. I build the plan from the ground up for your goals, ability, available time and schedule. It doesn’t require excessive hours of exercise, just efficient and focussed sessions.

STEP 5- The food
Your meal plan provides simple and easy to prepare recipes that make staying on track easy. I calculate your calories and optimise your macros for the highest level of progress and deliver you hundreds of amazing recipes via your account. All you have to do is choose your favourite recipes, which isn’t hard with choices like bacon and egg, protein pancakes and pastrami sandwiches!

STEP 6 - The support
I am always just one email away. No matter what you need I am here to help, whether it’s something big or something that seems minor. The entire system from account, plan and progress feedback is set up for me to best serve you.

STEP - 7 The adaptation
Weekly reviews, my email follow ups and monthly assessments keep you motivated, on plan and on track. They also allow me to adapt every aspect of the plan to ensure you are always moving forwards and never plateau.

STEP 8 - The results
The proof is in the results and my coaching is proven and trusted by people all over the world. With my help you don’t have to settle for anything less than amazing results. Whether you want to work with me for one month or long term you will see and feel an immediate difference.



Take a peek inside the system and see what you get as part of your plan, from teh training guides to recipes and food calendar. 

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See what informatin is provided and why it is so impotant to have a plan that is cutom make exactly for you. Also why adaptation is the key to success.

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I have put together a list of commonly asked
questions and answers to help you decide
whether you're ready to begin.

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FAQs Section

I have put together a list of commonly asked  questions and answers to help you decide
whether you're ready to begin. If you want to see more click here.

From the moment you sign up to Beyond you will receive an email from me, this will direct you to your first questionnaire page. From the information I receive here I can start to piece together your personalised plan.

After the initial plan design and communication, every week you have to submit feedback to me through your very own account page on the site. This weekly feedback and support will ensure you stay on the path to success. 

No two people are the same and neither are Beyond plans. Both your training and nutrition are unique to you and your goals. Every aspect of the plan is carefully put together to ensure you have every possible resource to make amazing progress.

As well as weekly feedback there is a more comprehensive review every 4 week. This review allows me to see how you are progressing and what changes may need to be made to maximize your next 4 week block. 

As it is a fully custom plan there are no requirements for equipment, I can build the plan around what you have access to. Certain goals may require access to equipment but if a full gym isn't possible for you I can still make your plan work.

You will receive your plan within 3-4 working days from completing your virtual questionnaire. This time allows me to work on your plan and ask you any additional questions.

Are you ready?