What does a successfull body transformation take?

At David Kingsbury fitness we are all about results. But not results at any cost.

We believe and prove that you can reach your goals in a sustainable and enjoyable way.

Are clients are not all full time athletes or actors. Even if they are time is always a precious commodity so we would never waste it. 

Family time being the most precious so we would never restrict it. Whether that be family meals or drinks with your partner.

Each month we run a competition in house. All of the coaches. The goal? The best progress story. Here are some of the recent results and also a crucial paragraph from each coach on how to make these kind of results happen



What goes into a successful body transformation?

On face value going “on a diet” and some form of training and maybe increasing daily movement are all that is needed.

BUT to get a real transformation there is so much more!

To become a person who is in great shape you need to think and act like that person in order to look like them. People who have transformed their body love the training process, they look for opportunities to move and to train. They don’t see exercise as purely a means to an end to burn calories. It nurtures the body and the mind.

A person who has transformed their body will seek out food that nourishes them, they will plan, they will prepare, they will enjoy. They won’t slash calories ad hoc from their diet. They won’t starve and binge!

Ok, so that sounds good in principle but how do you become that person?

Number 1- Get a great coach! Someone knowledgable who can guide and support you along the way.

Number 2 – Progress not perfection! Whether it be diet or exercise, small changes from your current state are key. You don’t need to be training 5 x a weeks and following an exact macro split you just need to be a little bit better than yesterday.

Number 3 – Consistency! The compound effect of small changes over time beats huge one off changes every time.

Number 4 – Enjoy! Eat food you enjoy. Train in a way you enjoy! Ensure you make time to enjoy your life. Spend time with friends, family and loved ones!

What goes into a successful body transformation?

To successfully transform your physique, we need to focus on the following things;

1. Understanding your calorie intake. Your nutrition will have the biggest impact on whether you gain, lose or maintain weight, so making sure your calories are in line with your goals is crucial
2. Training to get stronger & fitter. We should be training to improve ourselves by getting stronger, fitter and building muscle, not to simply burn calories and ‘beast’ ourselves. This helps us physically and mentally to see progress.
3. Being consistent, not perfect. We don’t have to be 100% perfect every single day, but we do need to be consistently good for the majority of the time.

What goes into a successful transform!

“3 Key things! Consistency, Sustainability & Accountability!

  1. Consistency (ticking the daily boxes required and treating each day as an individual rather than thinking “oh god how can I do this for 12 weeks”!)
  2. Sustainability (making sure this becomes a lifestyle change and that your nutrition and training actually fits into your lifestyle! We want you to get results and keep results!)
  3. Accountability (ensuring you have support and knowledge behind you! A coach is a great way to do this! If your putting your all into a body transformation you want to know your doing it right and the most optimal way for you!! And also having someone on your side when you need a pick up and guidance!)

What goes into a successful transformation.

“Immediate and noticeable physical changes within the first 7-10’days, with the stats/imagery to back it up.

This not only means the time and effort you have invested is ‘worth it’ but immediate results means you’re then going to attack week 2, week 3, week 4 and so on with the same amount of motivation and adherance…meaning the long term results will be amazing”

Looking for help with your training & nutrition?

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“The biggest surprise to me was how little I actually had to train and how good the food recipes were.”


“David, you’re literally THE BEST! Thank You so much for your EXPERT guidance through my MOVIE PREP and BEYOND! Grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with you. We’re just getting STARTED!”


“I used to see myself as overweight. 30. Depressed. Not happy with how I looked. I needed to do something. I now have to do a double take as I get used to my six-pack.”