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Big News Time!

Over the past year I have been working hard behind the scenes on something I know you will love! I am super proud to announce my first book "Fitter Faster" published with Orion books, which is available to pre-order now and released 3rd of May 2018.

Another week down

Tricky one this week for me. Lack of sleep, busy schedule and a few back issues have all added up to a non perfect week.

Last weeks check in

I am little late with this one. A super busy schedule this week of personal training, Skype calls and building many plans has kept me pretty quite online.

Can I turn my fat into muscle?

Specifically, can your body convert muscle to fat, and vice versa? I’m going to tackle this in two halves, by answering two questions I often get asked.

Calories & macros for my 28 day lean out

This vlog covers a bit about my work, some interval footage (a rarity for me these days) I also talk through my current calories and macros to demonstrate the way I eat.

How I build Beyond

I have been personal training for over a decade and have built a solid reputation for results to say the least.

28 DAY LEAN OUT - Day Zero

The aim of this year is to build some quality muscle, but first I want to get my body fat down to a point I am satisfied with. From there the lean build will commence!