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Another week down

Tricky one this week for me. Lack of sleep, busy schedule and a few back issues have all added up to a non perfect week.

Last weeks check in

I am little late with this one. A super busy schedule this week of personal training, Skype calls and building many plans has kept me pretty quite online.

Can I turn my fat into muscle?

Specifically, can your body convert muscle to fat, and vice versa? I’m going to tackle this in two halves, by answering two questions I often get asked.

Calories & macros for my 28 day lean out

This vlog covers a bit about my work, some interval footage (a rarity for me these days) I also talk through my current calories and macros to demonstrate the way I eat.

How I build Beyond

I have been personal training for over a decade and have built a solid reputation for results to say the least.

28 DAY LEAN OUT - Day Zero

The aim of this year is to build some quality muscle, but first I want to get my body fat down to a point I am satisfied with. From there the lean build will commence!

Is fizzy water making you fat?

I was watching the TV the other night and there was ANOTHER one of these programs telling us what is good to eat, what is bad to eat, and generally spreading mass hysteria and confusion.

What calories do I need?

Life for humans has changed a lot over the last hundred thousand years, but our bodies have not. Humans evolved and adapted to life in the African savannah, but what worked for us then is not necessarily ideal in modern society.