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Winner Of The Cutting Guide Competition Decided!!!!

After some great entries to the 8 week lean out competition we have a winner! Chris Pixley showed exactly how effective the system can be as long as it is followed with the upmost focus, dedication and hard graft. Chris worked with me as an online coaching client during 2013 then decided to take on…


For those with only a passing interest in nutritional supplements, creatine is the one product they’ll probably know about. For many of those, it may be the only one they’ve actually tried. It may have only been used to help sports performance in the last decade, but it was first identified in 1832. So what…

The Benefits of Beta Alanine for Athletes

The Benefits of Beta Alanine for Athletes When it comes to professional athletes, whatever their sport, the huge range of supplements available to them can be quite astounding. Of course, we’re not talking about those illegal drug enhancements, but more those dietary supplements that boast of improvements in almost every aspect of an athlete’s regime.…