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12 Week Transformation Tuesday - Gary

Gary worked with me for 12 weeks to drop body fat and maintain muscle. We worked in detail on every aspect of health and nutrition to ensure maximum results.

The Best Three Supplements for Added Muscle Mass

To successfully build muscle in the specific areas that you want requires pre-planning. You need to create an environment within the body of a training stimulus and then ensure that your diet contains the correct nutrition, vitamins and supplements to make it a reality.

Build Boulder Shoulders

Build Boulder shoulder with online personal trainer David Kingsbury. David is the trainer behind some of Hollywood's most epic delts.

12 Week Transformation Tuesday

Some seriously good results here, what a 12 week transformation! Chris is still on the plan looking to take it to the next level. haven't met Chris yet, although I am excited to in the future. This shows what can be achieved with an online personal trainer.

A Beginners Guide To Supplements

We are bombarded with supplement advertising, everywhere we look there are products promising the world, just take one scoop or 1 tablet per day.