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How lean can you stay all year round?

I'm going to be honest with you here my body fat levels vary throughout the year, I don't always sit at 10% or less but I'll let you into a secret. That's totally normal!!

You Are What You Eat

Food and nutrition can be an incredibly daunting experience, especially if you’re new to it. If you’ve struggled to design your own meals in the past, then give it another go or look into getting someone to help you with this. It is tricky and takes some time to figure it out, but you can do it!

Health and fitness is about lifestyle not obsession

Each year the training becomes less of a priority to me as other things require more focus and energy. My nutrition gets more flexible and stricter at the same time. Meaning I eat healthy a lot more often but worry less about deviations from this.

Muscle Building Extension to Base Weights

Regardless of whether you’re wanting to become an adonis, toned to perfection, or looking to bulk up for a strength event or personal reasons, muscle is going to be a key aspect of your physical exercise. For many people though, try as they might, their muscle size may not be developing or growing at the rate they wish.

Build and Plan Your Meals

I’ve said it many times, but exercise and nutrition can’t really successfully co-exist without each other. They share a connection that means you need both of them to be in harmony to get the best from each of them.

Fat Loss Addition to Base Weights

Base weights, as I mentioned, are the starting block; the foundation on which we’re going to build your plan. As you get stronger, fitter and healthier, we need to revisit that to keep pushing your body on to bigger and better things. Did someone say “Progressive overload”?

Learning to fuel not just eat.

If you look around at the most successful things in life, they all have one thing in common…. they have a system. What exactly do I mean by a system? I mean a proven method that takes the guesswork and thinking out of the equation. Something, that if practiced, may be used for the rest of your life.

The Importance of Progressive Overload

Of all the concepts and practices that are involved in the exercise and fitness arena, progressive overload is one of the most important, yet often the most misused or misunderstood.