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The importance of goal focused nutrition.

This where my title comes in “goal focussed nutrition” for something to be goal focussed it first needs to know what your goal is but it also has to be the correct tool to getting you there.

Lead by Example

Results are not just for celebrities and famous actors, some of the best results I have ever achieved are with people I have never met! Busy business owners, mums and dads. Don't let time or money be your excuse to not achieving your results as I build plans affordable prices with your lifestyle and available time factored in to your plan. Lack of time isn't a problem; the problem is lack of commitment.

Deck of Cards

As the “world’s leading online personal trainer” – Askmen, I know a thing or two about fat loss.

5 Ways You Can Change Your Eating Habits To Improve Your Training

I know I’ve said it many times, but you can’t have lasting health and fitness without looking at your diet. I’ve been banging the drum for years and I’ll never get sick of saying it; nutrition has to be intrinsically linked to your exercise to achieve the results you want to see.

50 Club Friday - Session 1

Thank you for checking out my new series 50 club Friday, you are going to love this beast of a workout! Every week I will doing a new session wIth one of my team or other fitness professionals.

Online Training - 5 Years On

It sounds incredible to say this but, as I write this, I have been a physical trainer now for 11 years and I have been specialising in online training for 5 of those years. It’s been an amazing time for me professionally and personally.

Fuel Your Goals

“What you put in, is what you get out”. It’s a saying that gets used for all manner of scenarios, but when it comes to gym results, it’s more true than ever. Let’s be clear. There are no shortcuts to improved health and fitness. There’s no magic wand but there’s also no getting around it. The work and effort you get out is intrinsically linked to the amount of work and effort you put in.

The lifestyle plan

The women and men who are in great shape and people put it down to luck or genetics nearly always have an active lifestyle with consistency of healthy eating and exercise over years. Not months.