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How Important is Food and Supplement Timing?

Working out how to balance food, supplements and training is one of the trickiest parts of getting fit. Meal frequency and size has always been a hot topic for debate. Lucky for you, I’ve tried out every single combination out there to work out the most effective one. Here’s what I found…

Injuries and Listening to your Body

Fitness is all about motivation, dedication and working hard. Getting results takes time and consistency, and you must be fully invested into your training to fulfil your workout ambitions.

What Makes a Training Plan Sustainable?

It’s all well and good knowing that you need to get fit but having a sustainable training plan is the best way to do it. Without a plan that makes sense, demonstrates progress and delivers results, you are much less likely to sustain it. That’s human nature.

How Fitness can Change your Mindset

You probably already know that working out is great for both body and mind, as exercise releases endorphins. These powerful brain chemicals trigger positive feelings that help to control stress, manage pain and stay focused.

Train And Eat For Your Body Type - Part 2

Last time out, we looked at the three body types psychologist William Sheldon defined in the 1940s. If you didn’t see it, those were the ectomorph, the endomorph and the mesomorph. Here, we’re going to look at what to eat for each one and how nutrition plays a part depending on which body type you are.

Why isn’t my diet working?

So you have been following a diet for a while. You have been eating healthy but not seeing results. You have been making meals packed full of quality ingredients and snacking on home made bars, nuts, seeds and dry fruit.

What body type am I?

If I were to ask you what kind of body type you have, would you be able to answer? The human body comes in all shapes and sizes throughout the world, but whilst there are billions of us sharing the planet, we have been categorised into three different body types.