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Barbell vs. Dumbbells

A bad workman often blames his tools, and that analogy might not be so far off when it comes to working out. A muscle plan is only successful if the correct demands are progressively put on the body and you are providing the right fuel. This includes using the right tools to fit with your body type, workout regime and desired results.

Life Begins at 40… and Fitness Can Too!

We’ve all heard the phrase ‘life begins at 40’, but for too many people, when life begins, the ability to get, or stay, fit ends. The thing is, it really doesn’t have to be this way. I’ve trained many people, including some of Hollywood’s biggest names, that were 40 years of age or more and they still looked amazing.

The Beginners Guide to Full Body Workouts

Gyms up and down the country will be full of people working on different parts of their body. There will be people doing leg day, arm day, back day or any other combination of body parts. It’s easy to be swayed to think that’s how it should be done, and whilst it does have its merits, there is more to training than focusing on one limb at a time.

Working on Life

I had the pleasure of going to the cast and crew screening of Life at the weekend. It’s the first film I have worked on in a while where I managed to get to a screening, the past few I have seemed to be away on locations with other jobs.

Cheat Days versus Refeeds

Refeed days are a great tool to enhance any diet program but, like a lot of things in the fitness industry, they have been far made more difficult than strictly necessary. So I decided to strip it back to the essentials. To begin with, we need to establish the difference between a Refeed versus a Cheat Day.

5 Session tips for building mass and 5 session tips for dropping body fat.

I am an online personal trainer, I have helped 1000’s of people achieve their fitness goals. I am probably best known for my works with Hollywood’s biggest stars getting them into superhuman shape for film roles. As one of the online training pioneers I believe with the right guidance anyone can achieve superhuman results.

Setting Goals and Expectations (Summer is Coming)

If you’re thinking about starting a 12-week training plan for the summer, then don’t delay any more! Summer is fast approaching and many people set their goals far too late to achieve the desired results.

Total Body Workouts at Home

Life in the 21st century can be pretty busy at times. Juggling your time between family and friends, work, commuting, your social media accounts, email, text messages and trying to get to the gym means it can be difficult to give everything the time it deserves.