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Beyond vs BetterSelf

Fitness is an incredibly personal experience. We all start a journey towards a fitter, healthier version of ourselves from a different place. Not only that, we’re all heading somewhere different and the road that the journey takes will be unique to each and every one of us. None of us fit the same mould and nor should we.

Better Sleep = Better Results

Rest is a fundamental training principle that will boost your results through the roof. Exercise makes you stronger in the long run but you need enough recovery time, including good sleep quality, to make you fitter and stronger.

What Makes a Meal Plan Sustainable?

Forget juice diets, cutting out carbs and other fads. Today I want to talk about how to create an intelligent and sustainable meal plan to support your ongoing health and fitness goals.

How to Master Working Out at Home

Contrary to popular belief, training from home doesn’t mean an automatic sacrifice of results. While many people believe that the distractions will prove too much, I have seen fantastic results with my clients that work out from home.

My Top 10 Training Tips

It’s important to set your goal at the outset and keep striving towards it. Whether that be losing a certain amount of weight, toning up all over or gaining muscle, you must define the goal in order to have a clear target to work towards. If you keep on moving the goalposts, it may have a detrimental effect on your motivation. Once you reach your goals, then you can enjoy that sense of achievement and set the next goal even higher.

Can I Target Fat in Certain Areas?

This is one of the most common questions that my clients ask me. Many people feel self-conscious and believe that a certain part of their body is too flabby, particularly following childbirth or a long period without any exercise.

Changing Your Lifestyle

Introducing training and nutrition into your lifestyle can be tricky, which is why you need to fit your health and fitness around your life and not the other way around. Making as natural a transition as possible into a healthy life is important; once you’re on the right road, there’s no looking back. Why? Because if you want to live a healthy and happy life, then exercise and healthy eating are an essential part of your routine.

Barbell vs. Dumbbells

A bad workman often blames his tools, and that analogy might not be so far off when it comes to working out. A muscle plan is only successful if the correct demands are progressively put on the body and you are providing the right fuel. This includes using the right tools to fit with your body type, workout regime and desired results.

Life Begins at 40… and Fitness Can Too!

We’ve all heard the phrase ‘life begins at 40’, but for too many people, when life begins, the ability to get, or stay, fit ends. The thing is, it really doesn’t have to be this way. I’ve trained many people, including some of Hollywood’s biggest names, that were 40 years of age or more and they still looked amazing.