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Film personal training

Sometimes I forget how fortunate I am. I was going to say lucky, but luck suggests I didn’t work my way to where I am. Anyone who is successful at what they do will know that the process of getting there isn’t easy and takes serious focus and effort.

Hard gainer or just no plan?

Over the past 12 years, I have been working in the fitness industry I have seen people achieve amazing results. But I have also seen people struggle to change. What is it that causes some people to succeed where others fail? There is a lot of talk about metabolism, genetics and being “lucky” but when it comes to building muscle what really makes you a hard gainer?

Big picture progress

I get asked a lot of questions, and I mean a lot. These questions and problems are major barriers for people and can be the difference between starting and not starting, or success and quitting.

The Ultimate Big Back Plan

A strong back can have a massive impact on your gym performance and your overall look. Whether it is your beach holiday season or just time to add some quality mass the focus for most people is the big push sessions of chest and shoulders.

Lessons learned training the top actors in the world

Over the past 5 years I have established myself as the go to trainer for the film industry in the U.K. and overseas. I have been incredibly fortunate to work with such amazing people and to be given the opportunity to deliver amazing results on one of the biggest stages the big screen.

5 training tips to bank more muscle

If you are getting yourself to the gym a few times a week and watching your food then you are in it for results. You have a goal you want to achieve and are working towards it.

The ultimate fat loss cheat sheet

With millions of articles on fat loss online and countless diets, studies and information available it is easy to miss the point and continue to get your fat loss formula wrong. Information overload can be a big problem when you are trying to nail down your results and make some serious progress. I often see people skipping from one plan to the next looking for the silver bullet to fat loss.

Do you need supplements for gym results?

There is a lot of talk in the media at the moment about supplements. Just in the last few days I have read several articles on the pros and cons of using supplements.