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A Day on Set

Earlier this month, I attended a family get-together where I was chatting with one of my wife’s cousins. She asked me what I did for work and I didn’t realise until then that my job is pretty hard to explain! So, I’d like to take you behind the scenes of my business and through my working life.

Is 40 too late to start?

My clients come from all different age groups but everyone has one thing in common – a determination to improve their health and fitness. Whether you’re 25, 40 or 65, a willingness to work hard to improve your health and fitness is the only thing you need to work out. It’s never too late.

The Long Game of Fitness

Why do we train hard and eat healthily? What is our reasoning behind it? I can’t answer for you but I certainly know my reasons. I want to feel good, look good and to enjoy being and feeling healthy.

Creating Time for Training

Time is one of the biggest barriers to a healthy training process but none of us has enough time in the day. That’s why you need to make time to include training as an integral part of your week, every week.

How often do you need to exercise to gain results?

If you’re one of those people for whom exercise seems extremely daunting, I’m pleased that you’re taking time out to read this post. That’s because most people don’t realise that they don’t have to train nearly as hard and often as they think to get great results.

Clean eating VS calorie counting

There is so much food chat out there at the moment. And it’s getting kinda boring For someone like me who has been in the business of exercise and healthy eating for over decade its easy to see who is simply jumping on the band wagon. The industry is booming but with the influx of inexperienced people the advice has got pretty sloppy.

My training

It’s been a while since I posted an update of what I am up to with my training. The truth is July was a hectic month for me, two trips abroad and two weddings.

If I eat too little will I fail to lose weight?

First things first, let’s talk about calories and weight loss. If you are not losing weight it means you are eating too many calories. This is an unpopular viewpoint, but it is the truth. Your body just like everyone else’s adheres to the laws of thermodynamics: energy can’t be created or destroyed. If you’re eating more calories that you need, your body will likely store the excess, making you gain weight. If you’re eating fewer calories than your body needs, your body raids its energy stores, making you lose weight.