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When it comes to training and exercise, your enthusiasm and zeal can mean you think the answer to success is to practically live in the gym. Spending time lifting weights, running on the treadmill or cross-training with the best of them every hour you can, might seem like the only solution, but it may well be doing you more harm than good.

I Am Thinking of Becoming a PT, What Do You Think?

Being a personal trainer is an incredible way to earn a living. My career in fitness and training has taken me to places I could never have imagined. I’ve worked with so many inspirational people that have taught me as much I’ve taught them.

Why Am I Not Building Muscle?

Regardless of whether you’re wanting to become an adonis, toned to perfection, or looking to bulk up for a strength event or personal reasons, muscle is going to be a key aspect of your physical exercise. For many people though, try as they might, their muscle size may not be developing or growing at the rate they wish.

Why Has My Fat Loss Plateaued?

You can’t pick up a newspaper or magazine article without reading about the obesity epidemic that we’re all facing. There has never been a better time to get fit and eat healthily. The physical benefits alone should mean that we start reversing that trend as soon as we can. For many already on their journey to losing weight, there will come a time when your fat loss starts to slow down. Eventually your weight will begin to plateau. This doesn’t signify the end of the road, just a time to kick start your fat loss and take your achievements to the next level.

Summer Beach Body Workout

The number one mistake people make when starting a plan to get 'beach ready' is not starting soon enough. Don't let that be you, put down your phone / mouse now and go and start training. Actually, scratch that: maybe finish reading this article first.

Access All Areas

The internet has given us many things and changed our lives beyond all recognition. It’s altered how and who we connect to and the way we live our lives with an always-on culture.

10 Things Slowing Down Your Fitness Progress

The road to fitness can be a long and arduous one. It's rarely without pitfalls, problems and self-doubt, even for the most focussed mind. With any training regime that can soon become all encompassing, there are things that will slow down your progress, especially if you're not aware of them. Here are the top 10 things that may be slowing down your progress.