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50 Club Friday - Session 4

That escalated quickly! Seriously intense 50 club session today with my good friend @scottlaidler We did our personal training course together 11 years ago. Revising all night to make sure we got that pass! Over a decade on and we have both carved our own little sections within the fitness industry which is pretty cool!

Eating Out Guide

With the Christmas party season fast approaching, chances are you’re going to be eating out more often than normal. Whether it’s a party with work colleagues, a night out with family and friends or a house party with the neighbours, the festive season can play havoc with any sort of healthy eating plan.

50 Club Friday - Session 3

This was an awesome 50 club for me, Jack is one of my online clients and a hall of famer! He came to hit a serious arm 50 club session with me at my gym at Pinewood.

Pimp my Protein - Avocado Mayo

If you have ever followed a healthy eating plan then you need this in your life. No more boring food. Be happy. Eat healthy. Be nice Pimp your protein with this awesome avocado Mayo.

50 Club Friday - Plus Free Ab eBook

Every week I will doing a new session wIth one of my team or other fitness professionals. These sessions can be done any time over the week they don't have to be done exclusively on the Friday.

Muscle building kit list

Training stimulus – in order to get the most out of your training you need to train with purpose and intensity. The key here is not to overcook it - Building muscle doesn't require marathon sessions; excessive volume will reduce your capacity to recover and gain strength and size. The best way of thinking about it should be aiming for the minimum amount of work to deliver a training response. This is so you are not wasting any of your precious calories coming in on wasted gym time.

Barbell complexes + brutality

Barbell training is one of the foundations of strength training and building muscle. Most people won’t associate it so much with fat loss and sports performance but it can really help in these areas too.

The importance of goal focused nutrition.

This where my title comes in “goal focussed nutrition” for something to be goal focussed it first needs to know what your goal is but it also has to be the correct tool to getting you there.