Winner Of The Cutting Guide Competition Decided!!!!


After some great entries to the 8 week lean out competition we have a winner!

Chris Pixley showed exactly how effective the system can be as long as it is followed with the upmost focus, dedication and hard graft.

Chris worked with me as an online coaching client during 2013 then decided to take on the lean out challenge! He used the 12 week option from the ebook to really push the boundaries of his results.

Chris is a truly inspirational guy, he balances his training with a hugely successful career and an amazing family. He is proof that with the right mind set and focus amazing physical results can be achieved, and these don’t have to be achieved at the loss work focus or family time.

A huge congratulations for the results and I hope it will help inspire other to push their physical limits ( I know it has inspired me to train harder, work harder and do more for my family)
Well done Chris.

I will be adding a full report with a Q&A with Chris too, if anyone has any questions they would like to ask in addition to mine please feel free to send them over!