Q&A with Transformation machine Chris Pixley


1)Can you share some information on your training history?

I am 37 years of age and I’ve been weight training since I was 21 years old. Until working with David, I was the only coach that I had ever had. Like so many people the internet had become my “black hole” of training information. Having David come on board put an end to all of that, as he really simplified everything for me.

2)How did you find out about online coaching with David?

Hugh Jackman has always been one of my favorite actors and as my wife puts it….my “man crush” was pretty strong for him. I couldn’t believe the changes he had made in the last couple of films he had made and he was getting older. Knowing that all success involves a mentor or coach, I went online and in search of the man behind this transformation and thats when I found David. I emailed him a picture where I was already in decent shape and said “I’ll do whatever you tell me, I’m stuck…please help!” Sure enough David replied to the email and the rest is history. People still can’t believe when I tell them that David Kingsbury, trainer to Hugh Jackman, helped me…its been pretty cool. I recommend David all of the time and he’ll be the only guy I go to in the future when I need to.

3)What training plan and food plan did you follow to achieve these results shown?

I followed the the 8 week cutting guide for this transformation, the plan focuses on big compound movements such as bench press, pull ups, deadlifts, and squats. We also did accessory movements and circuit training. Each session was very challenging. My friends at the gym would often joke that my workouts resembled a “professional tennis match” in the amount of grunting that went on. One bit of advice that David gave me was “You can’t serve 2 masters.” So when you’re cutting and dropping fat then train and eat to do that. While its certainly possible, I wasn’t looking to set and PR’s during the cutting process. As far as diet goes, he and I had success when I started with him 2 years ago on the window or “IF” approach. So, I would eat all of my meals in an 8 hour window. The thing I liked about this approach was that on training days I got plenty of carbs for recovery and on off days I swapped the extra carbs for extra fats. I still eat like that today.

4)Did you use any supplements to help achieve these results?

I did use supplements. I have owned some GNC Franchises for several years now, so I’m no stranger to supplements. I stuck with the basics using BCAA’s, Creatine, Glutamine, Fish Oil, and a Multi-vitamin. While supplements are only part of the picture when it comes to training, they definitely help with recovery, which is essential.

5)Can you share some information on the 12 week journey in these pictures, the highs and the lows and how you managed to stay so focused?

Owning 4 businesses, having 3 small children, and a wife of 14 years keeps me busy. But I figured if Hugh with his schedule can do it, then it should be a “walk in the park” for me! Well it certainly wasn’t a “walk in the park” as I so optimistically thought. But I have to say that it wasn’t miserable. The key is to live in “day tight compartments.” Don’t get ahead of yourself and just make your daily goal to complete your training and nutrition. With consistency and doing things one step at a time, you really can achieve anything. And once you start so do the results.” I have a saying on my bathroom mirror that reminds me not to quit…it reads “The only way out is through. Oh yeah, and it really helps to have a wife that will tolerate you during this process!

6)Can you give some advice for others looking to do what you have done?

The age old formula, set a goal and then break it down into smaller achievable steps. Also set a time! I can all but guarantee that if you don’t have a time and a reason, you won’t follow through. And it won’t be because you’re lazy, it’ll be because your human and life and other distractions will happen. So, I just made the choice to follow through.I’ll close with a story that really helped me along this journey. The key is just laying one brick at a time. Will Smith once told a story where his father made him and his younger brother build a brick wall. It took them one year working 2 hours a day every day after school. The lesson as Will put it, is that everything takes time and your job is to focus on laying one brick at a time and before you know it, you’ll have a wall.

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“The biggest surprise to me was how little I actually had to train and how good the food recipes were.”


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