The Surprising truth about 6 pack abs

You may have heard everyone has a perfect 6 pack, some are just hidden with a stubborn layer of body fat.

This is certainly true, but what can you do to strip it back for a shredded midsection…

So a sixpack is crafted in the kitchen that’s the first bit of advice, food is the most important area to consider when seeking stomach muscles. This isn’t as simple as just calories in vs calories out, the source of the calories are just as important.


A calorie is not just calorie when it comes to 6 pack abs, the quality of calories is very important. 100g of chicken will not have the same effect at 100g of sugar in your quest to getting beach ready. Eating the correct calories for your goal is important and also eating healthy choices geared towards results is also crucial.

One of key nutritional principles to consider for abs is regulating blood sugar levels, the less spikes in blood sugar the better the lean out results.

If you have fat to lose to show your abs (which is everyone without visible abs) then fat loss is key to showing them. To drop body fat you are going to need to spend some time in a calorie deficit to get there. A calorie deficit means eating under maintenance calories, but this is a fine balance as you don’t want to go so low you lose that all important muscle mass. To get this right I would suggest the support of a professional.

Sleep and relax your way to better abs

Better sleep and less stress means better abs, low levels of sleep and high amounts of stress increase your cortisol levels. Excessive cortisol levels will encourage fat storage and slow down your summer body plan. Try to get more sleep, aiming for 8 hours sleep a night and manage stress for better results.

Cortisol is also released as a result of training with long duration sessions, especially marathon cardio sessions. So keep this in check with shorter duration and higher intensity training.

Last up – Lift heavy

This is an answer I use a lot for many fitness questions.

Not only does heavy weight training effectively train the abs in a functional format with exercises like front squats, weighted pull ups massively boosting core strength, these movements also create the best stimulus for positive changes in body composition. Maintain muscle during your fat loss journey and see your results amplified!
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