Quick Healthy Recipes

There’s no getting around it, we all need food to live. Whether you’re training to bulk up or lose weight or just wanting to eat healthy foods to improve your overall wellbeing, you need to eat the right food. For many people, buying processed, microwaveable meals that can be cooked in minutes or left in the oven suits them perfectly. The food is quick to prepare, convenient to their lifestyle and relatively cheap to buy, but that’s where their benefits end. Cooking doesn’t have to be like this. There is a way to eat healthy food that is quick to prepare, delicious to eat and nutritious to boot!


Even if you’re working to a specific custom food plan that in corporates vegan, muscle building food or a nutrition plan to help with fat loss, there will be a series of quick, healthy recipes that suits your lifestyle.

When it comes to great food that has to be freshly prepared, the common misconception is that you’re going to spend hours preparing the ingredients; slaving away in the kitchen chopping, peeling, slicing and dicing, and that’s before you even get around to cooking it. Of course, there are recipes that take hours to prepare, and probably just as long to cook, but that’s not what we’re talking about here. We want what you want; quick, healthy food that’s good for you!

In little more time than it takes to remove the outer packaging, pierce the film lid and microwave on full power for 6-8 minutes, you can have something that tastes amazing, smells fantastic and looks incredible and still leaves you time to do the things you love.

The benefits of quick recipes go way beyond saving you time. They can also offer substantial health benefits. By preparing your own meals, you retain complete control of the food you put into your body. This means that you can choose quality ingredients, dictate the amount of salt or sugar in the food and can be reassured that there will be no additives, preservatives or other chemicals going into your food. Something that can’t be said of many processed meals. This can help to reduce the risk of heart disease, high blood pressure and diabetes.

If your nutritional needs require some special dietary habits, then preparing your own meals means it’s much easier to ensure you’re getting the food you need to stay well. Whether you need a gluten-free diet, are a committed vegetarian or vegan, trying to lose weight or needing to control your diabetes, then preparing your own food means you’re getting exactly what you need without fear of nasty surprises. Horse-meat scandal anyone?

As we head into Spring, the choice of fresh ingredients that you can use in your meals is growing. Take advantage of seasonal vegetables and fresh herbs to add an extra zing to mealtimes. If you’re stuck for recipes, there are cookbooks devoted specifically to quick, healthy meals and the internet is full of recipes that will convince you it’s definitely the way to go. If you’re training, then I even have a number of tasty, delicious and nutritious meals that will enhance your workouts on my website at

If you’re still unconvinced that making your own food can’t be any quicker than ordering from your local takeaway, you’ve clearly never tried the alternative. I know that when schedules are tight and time is precious, it seems like a an easy fix, but trust me, you can make a meal that tastes twice as good in half the time and you can save money too.

Try these quick and easy recipes that will boost energy, recovery and get you in shape

Creamy turkey and tomato pasta – 666 calories


2 tblspns full fat creme fraiche
5 sprays olive oil light
50g dried white pasta
50g cherry tomatoes
110g grilled turkey breast


1. Fry the onions in oil for 5 minutes until soften. Add the cherry tomatoes and fry for a further 10 minutes. Add the pine nuts for the final 4 – 5 minutes
2. Boil the pasta for 12 – 15 minutes
3. Grill the turkey breast on each side until cooked
4. Mix creme fraiche in with tomatoes and onions 5. Serve together

Breakfast – Berry, spinach, carrot and ginger smoothie – 666calories


4 tspns almond butter
250ml unsweetened almond milk
1 medium banana
75g carrot
5g ginger
45g vanilla whey protein
80g frozen berries


1. Mix all ingredients in a blender (add water as needed)

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