Michael Fassbender’s Assassin’s Creed Workout

Celebrity PT David Kingsbury is the man behind Fassbender’s killer physique for the upcoming swords-and-sci-fi romp. Now he wants to carve you into shape

The trailer for Assassin’s Creed dropped from the skies today. Through the maelstrom of martial arts and parkour action can be glimpsed a Michael Fassbender in better shape than ever, with a bigger, stronger and deadlier physique than previously seen on screen. “Michael is naturally lean and athletic,” says Kingsbury. “The goal therefore was to add lean muscle quickly while developing proper strength worthy of the role. This was about go as much as show.”

That means the workout you see here isn’t just about mirror muscles and razor sharp definition. Kingsbury and Fassbender focused on the gymnastic-style strength yielded by serious compound moves, the main player being the pull-up. “In one session, Fassbender completed 100 reps,” says Kingsbury. Follow this assasin style workout and you’ll be climbing cathedrals in no time. Later assassinating popes is optional.

Trap Bar Deadlifts 5×5 reps – 2min rest between sets

Circuit 1

Weighted lunges – 5×10 each side

Weighted pull ups 5×8

Weighted Push ups 5×10

Rest for 90sec once complete

Circuit 2

Dips 4×12

Single arm rows 4×12 each side

Ab wheel roll out 4×8

Followed by 3x3min round boxing/ kick boxing

1min rest between rounds

Stretching and foam rolling to follow.

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