Build boulder shoulders

One day I was flying around in the sky minding my business when I heard

a scream from a building below.

Using my telescopic vision I spotted someone hanging from the

window of a building. 20 stories high and in danger it was time to do my thing!

I altered course immediately and headed towards the building at

full velocity. I hit my air brakes and as I closed in I could see the man’s

grip slipping on the ledge. I grabbed his hand just in time saving him from certain death.

Gripping him tightly I hovered before slowly dropping to the street beneath.

With our feet firmly on the ground, the man looked at me, the relief

on his face turned to a look of confusion.

I could tell he had something to ask me, his lips began to move.

“Dude what do you do for delts? They are like cannonballs stuck on your

body where your shoulder should be”

The one question I get asked more than any is how to build boulder

shoulders, never about the flying, lasers or anything else.


Here is how to build offensively large delts

Start heavy

Barbell shoulder press should be the foundation of your shoulder workout

Aim for 5 sets going progressively heavier. Start at 10 reps and work

your way up in weight until you are hitting 5’s. Take your rest between

sets 2 minutes is fine for the heaviest sets.

Add some controlled volume

Seated dumbbell shoulder press up next – I get clients to do this

without back support to keep form strict. For these it isn’t just about

the weight, good form and time under tension is what you are going for.

Aim for 6 sets of 8 reps with a controlled tempo (2-3seconds eccentric

and 1-2 seconds concentric)

Add some shoulder circuits

Start in seated position with two light dumbbells. You will be

performing a front raise, lateral raise, rear delt raise and shoulder

press back to back. No rest between the movements and use the same

weight throughout. Aim for 12 reps of each movement.

This is a tough one so think superhero thoughts before getting into it!

Listen if this works for Superheros then…

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