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12 Week Transformation Tuesday - Shalaw

Shalaw's amazing 12 week transformation. He is testament to what can be achieved with hard work on the right plan.


"Before training with David, I have used many popular training programs from bodybuilding to HIIT.  The results from these training programs were insufficient, I was making progress, but the progress, were very little and I was losing a lot of muscle mass during the process. Since I started training with David, I have noticed an incredible increase in strength and mobility. The tips and suggestion that he was giving during the training weeks was the most helpful thing during my workouts. The meal plans, and the supplementation plans were specifically customized for me, and so easy to follow. I could not lower my body fat below 12, but with his help I was able to go below 10%, and do not feel tired and hungry at all. He is the best trainer I have ever trained with, and I plan to continue training with him for the next 13 years" 

My input

Shalaw's training consisted of a foundation of strength training paired with higher rep work to cover every possible muscle building stimulus.

We also worked through HIIT and low intensity to maximise his body composition by dropping body fat.

He is a great example of what online personal training can achieve!

Due to my full time job as a celebrity personal trainer, I am very experienced in creating workouts and nutrition plans for customers I am not always able to see often. My goal is to create a tailored plan that meets your needs but which can also be accessed and utilised at a time that suits you. My tailored online personal training plans will ensure you get the guidance and support you need to reach any goals, from getting bikini body ready to building muscle fast.

Online personal training gives you everything you need

I'll provide the information, the guidance, the impetus, motivation and encouragement and all you need to do is take action. When looking to improve your health, you need to combine fitness and nutrition to achieve the best results and my service is second to none in this training format. Over the last 5 years I have worked in person with dozens of actors including being the trainer behind the Jennifer Lawrence body in X-Men and the Hugh Jackman workout plan. Now with my online coaching working so effectively I am providing this service to actors on location all around the world. 


David Kingsbury

I’m David Kingsbury, a personal trainer with over 12 years experience. After opening my own personal training studio at Pinewood Film Studios, I began training actors for film roles. I have since trained over 50 lead actors for various roles, in films such as; Wolverine, Xmen - Days of Future Past, Assassins Creed, Life and Les Misérables.

I offer custom online personal training and nutrition and use my expertise to help people reach their goals. My plans are custom made and built to fit in with your lifestyle, equipment and experience. Whether you are looking to get lean, lose fat or add muscle my custom meals plans and training plans can get you there.

If you would like to know more why not take a look at Training & Nutrition Packages.