With millions of articles on fat loss online and countless diets, studies and information available it is easy to miss the point and continue to get your fat loss formula wrong. 

Information overload can be a big problem when you are trying to nail down your results and make some serious progress. 

I often see people skipping from one plan to the next looking for the silver bullet to fat loss. 

Will you lose more fat on a vegetarian diet?

Will intermittent fasting help you lose fat? 

Is the paleo diet the best for fat loss?


Too many people are worried about the delivery of a diet and the secondary details. The truth is any diet can work if the numbers are right and it is nailing the basics. 

So before you consider starting any new way of training and eating firstly let’s looks at the fat loss cheat sheet. These are the basics that you need to get right if you are serious about fat loss AND improving body composition. 

Create a calorie deficit 

This is the number one point for fat loss. In order to lose fat you need to be in a negative energy balance. This means you need to be burning more calories than you are consuming. You can do this by either eating fewer calories, burning more calories with exercise or both of these combined. If you don’t get this bit right you simply will not lose weight. 

Get in control of your macros

Whilst your calories control your weight your macros are a very valuable tool you can manipulate to influence your body composition. A diet low in sugar with the primary energy sources of protein and fats will help bring the best out in your body composition. Keeping blood sugar and insulin levels down will allow your body to more easily burn fat for fuel.  

You don’t need to completely cut your carbs as they are valuable tool but you can cycle them or keep them lower than you might normally to aid your progress.  

Train for muscle maintenance 

If your diet is loose and your calorie intake is too high your training has to focus primarily on burning calories. This is why HIIT and running etc often are base to most fat loss plans. 

The truth is if you get your nutrition right you can focus on quality training. 

Using heavy and moderate weight resistance training will help improve your body composition and also improve the way your body handles the food that you do eat. 

Be consistent 

Any diet that cannot be done consistently will not work long term. Calories too low and you will fall off the plan. Foods you hate and you won’t stick to it. Too strict and life gets in the way. 

You need to focus on a lifestyle based plan you can do long term. No more quick fixes or crash diets. It’s time to focus on your long term health and fitness. 

Next time you are browsing the web or your favourite fitness magazine remember these key bits of information. Whilst these basics are not sexy or advertised to be a magic pill they will work. I have been in the business of fitness results for over a decade and have proved that with careful planning around these points amazing fat loss can be achieved. No drastic techniques or gimmicks in sight. 

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