If you are getting yourself to the gym a few times a week and watching your food then you are in it for results. You have a goal you want to achieve and are working towards it.

If your goal is muscle building then the you are in the right place. I have been hired by some of biggest film studios in the world to do just that. Add more muscle. Quickly.

In order to achieve the best possible results I am going to set you some training tips. Stick to these and see the results accelerate.


Work hard

Muscle building isn’t easy. It will take hard work and this is my number one tip. If you want to achieve great progress you have to work for it. It is important that you push your sessions hard and challenge yourself to sufficiently to encourage progress. The process of building muscles calls for overload and super compensation. Meaning you have to be out of your comfort zone to push your body to point where it requires change. Comfort zone = stagnant progress

Consistency and progression

In order to effectively create the environment for muscle development you need to progressively overload your muscles. If you can lift a weight easily then your body has no need to adapt. Consistency is key to adding stress to the muscles. Focus on the main lifts and get stronger at them. Adding weight as often as you can is a simple way to create overload. It won’t work forever but it is a good start. Often people vary exercises too frequently. Focus on getting good and strong at the basics.

Eat for your goals

Building muscle requires protein and energy. You need to provide yourself with enough of both to ensure you have an anabolic environment allowing you to recover and develop. Not enough calories or protein will results in slow/non existent progress.

Quality reps

Focus on tempo and form over the heaviest weight you can manage. Control is important for muscle building. Whilst lifting heavy is important you primarily your need to focus on time under tension and training longevity.


You don’t need to train for hours a day or hit chest 3 times a week to grow. Focus on the quality and intensity of your sessions first and foremost.

Your body recovers and gets stronger during your recovery. I typically suggest 4 weights sessions a week as optimum for most people to build muscle. Whilst this can vary, more is certainly not always more when it comes to gaining muscle.

Implement these bits of advice and you will certainly see the benefits. Whilst these tips can help you on your journey having an expert written plan with calculated calories will make all the difference. If you need any help planning your training and nutrition you know where to find me.

Good luck

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