The Best Three Supplements for Added Muscle Mass

Many people think that if they want to build muscle mass, doing weights and regularly going to the gym is enough. WRONG!

To successfully build muscle in the specific areas that you want requires pre-planning. You need to create an environment within the body of a training stimulus and then ensure that your diet contains the correct nutrition, vitamins and supplements to make it a reality.


No training stimulus + good nutrition = no added muscle. Similarly… Incorrect nutrition + training stimulus = no muscle too.

It might seem unfair when you’re trying but, don’t worry, it can be achieved and, with the right guidance, you’ll realise that it’s actually quite simple to achieve great results. That’s where I can help….

There is a synergistic requirement to maximise your training results. So, before we even look at supplements, I need to make sure your training and nutrition are on point.

Step 1: Getting The Muscles To Grow
In order to get the damn muscles to grow, you have to apply a stress greater than what your body or muscles has previously experienced and adapted to. How do you do this? Pick up heavy sh*t. Then next time pick up something heavier. This is known as progressively overloading your muscles and it helps to cause changes in the chemistry of the muscle. This anabolic response within the body will help to promote muscle growth and maintenance. Fuel this correctly and see huge results!

Step 2: Picking The Right Exercises
In order to target specific areas, specific exercises must be chosen to work the different muscle groups. The stress put on the muscles through weight training (tension of the resistance) promotes a local response, which will repair the muscle, making it bigger and stronger – as long as you are feeding the process!

(Tip: Before anything else, make sure you are hitting your big lifts with heavy weights for an overall response. Then work down to the specific areas and target them with higher rep ranges.)

Step 3: Picking The Right Nutrition For Your Goals
In order for all of these things to happen effectively, you must be fuelling the process correctly. The food you choose creates the body you have. So, if you want a good body then choose good foods and the right amount of calories to get the job done. In your diet, you have to get the balance of macros right, fats/protein/carbs. To build serious muscle, make sure you are getting this right and ensure sufficient protein is being consumed.

Hours in the gym will not carve you into a Greek god alone, so learn the food stuff. Trust me, it works!

Ok so we finally got there….

Step 4: The Supplements
There’s a common saying that “You cannot build muscle without supplements.” Incorrect but nice try. Although a lot of people may try and convince you this it’s just not the case. In actual fact, you can. But the truth is, supplements will 100% help when paired with a solid food plan and a beast of training plan.

Here are my top 3 supplements for muscle building:

1) Carb Powder
I personally use Highly Branched Cyclic Dextrin. This is awesome for someone looking to build muscle as it is almost immediately absorbed. It is the fastest absorbing carbohydrate on the planet, making it ideal for during or after any exercise. I recommend this post workout on weight training days. It also works really well when paired with BCAA’s during monster training sessions. Plus, Highly Branched Cyclic Dextrin barely raises insulin so there’s no need to worry about carb spikes and crashes like you might get with other carbs.

2) Protein Powder
Protein powder is a fitness staple. It is a great low cost option for topping up protein. Plus, it’s a lot more convenient than cracking open the eggs whilst in the gym changing room. I typically use whey protein isolate post workout and hemp protein powder during the day (e.g. mixed with my oats for a full-on breakfast bowl).

3) Creatine
People talk about creatine like it’s crack. It amazes me really. Don’t worry; it isn’t addictive. Nor will it make your balls shrink. I have heard it all on this product! The truth is…. Creatine is something that naturally occurs in the body, with 95% of it stored in your muscles. Creatine supplementation will help to improve recovery, increase muscle strength and size, improve brain function and reduce the markers of ageing.



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