It’s been a while since I posted an update of what I am up to with my training.

The truth is July was a hectic month for me, two trips abroad and two weddings.

Not exactly ideal for my physique 🙂 (but very fun)

This year has been pretty intense for my training and nutrition, I have kept very lean all year with a selection of photo shoots and media work.

I have certainly eased off the gas a little bit, but I have still been keeping pretty lean, getting my training in and eating fairly well.

I have been working hard on my website content lately and a recent article I was working on got me thinking.

What does it take to achieve great results over average results?

What does it take to achieve fitness goals, full stop?

Over the month of July, I have eaten the same number of meals I did every other month of the year. I have probably trained almost as much. But yet my results have somewhat relaxed.

I want to continue to lean out for a couple of months but I haven’t.

What is missing then?

– Organisation
– Calculation
– Structure
– And a little will power

Although I have been eating the same number of meals each day I haven’t been organised with them. The film production I have been working on basically has a breakfast and lunch buffet, whilst this can work for my goals it isn’t calculated to them. This is a fundamental problem. That extra slice of rye with peanut butter or that larger portion of food I have been having completely writes off my calorie deficit for the day.

There is also a craft truck, full to rafters with snacks, this can be a challenge for my will power (but that’s a story for another day)

On the day’s I have prepped my meals it has been easy, I eat them and crack on. If I haven’t prepared then I have to be prepared to see my shreds slip away.

From a training point of view, I have been on the road, working out from different gyms. I have missed quite a few sessions and my consistency hasn’t been 100%. In order to progress I undoubtedly need more structure.

With all this said and done it is time for me to get back on track!


My weight training

When I was prepping for my last shoot I was doing a split week of training of strength sessions and high rep sessions. For me this format gave me some of the best results I have achieved in over 10 years working out.

The purpose of the weight training for me is to hold onto as much muscle as possible for the next couple of months whilst leaning out.

I will be following the two mutant guides, one of the strength guides and a 50 club session each week.


My cardio

For my cardio, I will be doing 1-2 40min LISS sessions each week depending on time. I typically go on the spin bike for these and my HR will sit at 120 bpm, so it’s very steady for me.

My food

I have put my details into BetterSelf and it has selected my optimum calories and macros to achieve my goal of fat loss over the coming month. This calculation is crucial to ensure that my energy balance is where it needs to be to progress. My macros are also optimised for fat loss.


My details

I am 29

I am 184cm tall

I am 86kg

My waist is 30 inches

I will be training 6 hours per week

The calculations from BetterSelf

I will be eating 2500 calories based on this activity level. I can adjust my activity on a weekly basis though which will adapt my calories. For example, I know I am away on location filming in 2 weeks and will likely cut my training back. Using the activity settings, I can reprogram my calories based on my activity each week.

My macros

BetterSelf utilises a carb cycling protocol where suitable. It has selected this as optimum for me. This means my macro intake will vary depending on my type of activity. On days I lift weight my carb intake will be higher than on days I do not lift weights.

My meals are set at a constant macro breakdown of 20% cals from carbs, 40% from protein and 40% from fats. The carb cycling magic happens each day with my snack.

My meals

I have selected my meals for the next week and got my ingredients all set. I will also be creating some new meals each week that I will be testing and adding to the database each week. I will aim to cook and film these to let you know what I am up to!


Tracking and accountability

I will be taking a weekly picture that I can upload to my account, I will also do a weekly write up on my blog to share progress, thoughts and any challenges.

I hope you enjoy this series of blog posts showing my progress over the next month.


Speak again soon

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