How Do I Get Started?

Without sounding too arrogant, I’ve worked extremely hard to become one of the most highly sought after personal trainers in the world today. I’m lucky enough to be hired to work with some of the biggest film stars in the world, to get them into incredible shape for some of the most high-profile film roles you see in cinemas.

Those roles help define the real work I do and the fantastical stories that audiences see on the biggest and smallest screens for ever more.  You don’t get to see the hard work we do in the gym and the kitchen, but believe me, it’s all done there.


When the pressure is on to shape up, I am the man with the plan, and it’s a plan that you can play a huge part in.

Throughout these next 12 sessions over 8-12 weeks, I will be taking you through a systemised plan to get you into the shape you have always wanted to be in. It might not make you a film star, but it will make you feel and look better than you ever have before.

There are plenty of so-called ‘Hollywood transformations’ online. They promise the world, but can mean you’ll end up feeling frustrated by the lack of lasting results. This isn’t one of those. My number one piece of advice is to stop reading them straight away, stop reading up on these vacuous training and nutrition plans, waiting for the ‘magic bullet’ or the ‘perfect’ plan. It doesn’t exist. Stop waiting and get working now (well finish up this article first)

This is a ‘No BS’ plan. It’s not rated PG. If you aren’t up for the challenge, then move over for those that are. It’s adults only. It’s hardcore, but it’s worth every bead of sweat you’ll shed.

If you’re committed, then it’s time to train and time to finally get in the shape you have always wanted to be in. Ready? Let’s go!

Results, in my opinion, are 1-part planning, 2-parts effort and 3-parts consistency. So let’s nail that down first.

Priority 1 – Train consistently with effort and you WILL get results.

Priority 2 – Throw in a decent plan in and there you have it, the full package for success. 

The plan aspect is a combination of both training AND nutrition. You won’t get results, without giving both of those elements the respect they deserve.

Before we get going, I’m going to let you into a little secret. Despite what you might have read or heard…

• Paleo diets CAN work.

• Carb cycling diets CAN work.

• Flexible diets CAN work.

• Intermittent fasting CAN work.

• Just eating food CAN also work.

They can ALL work…..but these can also all fail if not done consistently and if they are not goal focused. Remember what your goal is; to look better and feel more energised that you ever have before. So where do we start?

Check out the next episode to get day one of the new you under your belt! Can’t wait to get started? Download the whole eBook?



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“The biggest surprise to me was how little I actually had to train and how good the food recipes were.”


“David, you’re literally THE BEST! Thank You so much for your EXPERT guidance through my MOVIE PREP and BEYOND! Grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with you. We’re just getting STARTED!”


“I used to see myself as overweight. 30. Depressed. Not happy with how I looked. I needed to do something. I now have to do a double take as I get used to my six-pack.”