As the “world’s leading online personal trainer” – Askmen, I know a thing or two about fat loss.

I have been getting people lean for a very long time. Over a decade now. Long before I was an online trainer, or training celebrities for film roles. I doubt Hugh Jackman would have hired me for The Wolverine if he was unsure of my ability to get a human sliced.

It’s always been a fascination to me of how far I can push my body. How much I can challenge myself and how lean I can get naturally. Treating myself as a Guinee Pig for as long as I can remember, from the age of about 11 years old in hard training day after day.

Me in 2005 pretending to be a pro Muay Thai boxer and just about holding my own-

The formula for fat loss isn’t exclusive to one way of training or one way of eating. There is an overlap across the board, very similar results can be achieved with very different methods.

I don’t like to leave anything to chance, I make sure every possible method that can deliver results is utilised.

I focus on diet And weight training And low intensity training And HIIT everything in between.

Some people get stuck in their ways. I simply do what works.

Adding some extra intensity to your training plan can do wonders for body composition.  I use a number of simple systems towards the end of training sessions to maximise the intensity, help burn more calories and work towards reducing body fat.  

Training with a higher intensity is more efficient

High intensity exercise is very efficient and so this form of exercise is perfect for busy people. Research has indicated that people who carry out three sessions of intensive training for 15 minutes a week will receive more benefits than running on a treadmill for an hour each session.

Training with a higher intensity burns more fat over the course of a day.

A high intensity training schedule will not only burn more calories but your body will also remain in fat burning mode for up to 24 hours after a tough workout.

You don’t always need specialist equipment for high intensity training

High intensity training doesn’t require any equipment or a gym membership which means you can work out in a way and place that suits you.

High intensity training is less likely to cause you to lose muscle

Even though many people are keen to lose weight, they have concerns over losing muscle at the same time. Studies indicate that traditional, moderate intensity, steady state cardio sessions can lead to muscle loss but that it is less likely to occur in weight training and high intensity training.

Training with a high intensity can boost your metabolism

High intensity training will burn calories by boosting your metabolism and it can also help slow down the aging process.

In the race and rush to get fit, many people are worried that they don’t have the time to work out in the correct manner. This is where high intensity training can provide you with a workout session that meets your schedule and your fitness needs. 

So today let’s look at a fantastic addition to any fat loss plan.

A deck of cards – the high intensity circuit hybrid, bringing joy to the #teamkingsbury community since 04’


Deck of Cards

Shuffle the deck very well. Then pull cards from the top. The number on the card is the number of reps for the exercise.

Hearts – Squats

Diamonds – Push ups

Clubs – Squat thrusts

Spades- Shuttle runs (10m)

Joker – 1 min rest

Picture cards are 10 reps, if you are fit Ace is the 11 reps , if you are not as fir ace is 1 rep.

If this workout is a bit of you. Then start your journey today

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