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Big News Time!

Over the past year I have been working hard behind the scenes on something I know you will love! I am super proud to announce my first book "Fitter Faster" published with Orion books, which is available to pre-order now and released 3rd of May 2018.

For me, the most important thing about what I do is providing the information people actually NEED to make progress. So, I have done things a little differently with "Fitter Faster".

This isn't a one size fits all approach to healthy eating - there are over 70 delicious recipes provided, but at 18 calorie levels!! Your energy balance determines your results and therefore the premise of this book is crucial; personalised health and fitness for all.

In the book you will be taught how to work out your calories, then shown which menu will secure you the best results. This, paired with a selection of training guides; home bodyweight to full gym kit, will ensure you make the progress you deserve.

Pre order your copy now and let's get fitter faster.


David Kingsbury

I’m David Kingsbury, a personal trainer with over 12 years experience. After opening my own personal training studio at Pinewood Film Studios, I began training actors for film roles. I have since trained over 50 lead actors for various roles, in films such as; Wolverine, Xmen - Days of Future Past, Assassins Creed, Life and Les Misérables.

I offer custom online personal training and nutrition and use my expertise to help people reach their goals. My plans are custom made and built to fit in with your lifestyle, equipment and experience. Whether you are looking to get lean, lose fat or add muscle my custom meals plans and training plans can get you there.

If you would like to know more why not take a look at Training & Nutrition Packages.