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Big Back Session at Pinewood Studios

Big Back Session at Pinewood Studios

I am getting back into weight training in a major way. It's been a while!

Chris and I hit up a big back session today at Pinewood. I have known Chris since I was about 4 years old I think. We went to primary school and secondary school together so it's pretty awesome we have both ended up on the same path as successful personal trainers.

Chris is currently training for a comp and I am working towards adding 5-6kg of lean muscle back on after 6 months focus on fitness and my business.

I will post updates on my sessions and results over the next few weeks and I hope to do more sessions with Chris too so we can show his progress for his comp.

Trap bar Deads 5x5
Weighted Chins 5x5

Lat pull down - 3x60-90sec timed sets

Prone rows - 4x12 (yea right)
Rear Delt raises 3x12

Bicep circuit
Narrow chins - 4x 1 - 20-30sec negative
Cable curls - 4x12
Cross body curls 4x10 (each arm)