Forget dishing out tickets to the gunshow. When I’m through with you, you’ll have a veritable arsenal tucked under your t-shirt. Entry is free. Because no one will be able to miss it.

Hyperbole and weapon metaphors aside, let’s make your arms much, much bigger. Maybe you’re suffering a little stagnation and have no muscle to show. Perhaps you’ve made gains but want to take them to the next level. Either way, my nine-week arm challenge is for you. It’s not a full-body programme (check out my website if you want one of those) but this arms protocol is ironclad, tried-and-tested, and proven on the big screen. It’s with these principles that I was responsible for Hugh Jackman needing to buy new t-shirts after bulking-up for Wolverine.

Bicep smash finisher

If they are not growing then do this after your upper body focus session.

3 Rounds
Do them back to back then rest 2min and repeat

Negative chin – 1 rep, lower slowly for 30sec
Cable curls – 12 reps
Cross body curls – 10 each arm