Barbell training is one of the foundations of strength training and building muscle. Most people wonÂ’t associate it so much with fat loss and sports performance but it can really help in these areas too.

Over the years of training actors and writing online training plans I have utilised a number of barbell techniques to help deliver muscle gain, fat loss and improved conditioning and endurance.


Today I want to share two systems; these can work really well for a number of goals.

First ups letÂ’s take a quick look at how you can make the drills goals focussed.

Fat loss – Burn calories and spike metabolism.

Muscle gain – boost work capacity to improve your ability to lift more for your “bodybuilding” sets.

Sports performance – boost work capacity and strength endurance for improved sports performance. Also, improve mental toughness (trust me).

You will see from this that the same training method can be used for multiple goals. So what changes within these three target to deliver different results?

  1. Your nutrition – nutrition is the clear-cut difference between different goals. Training overlaps and merges but nutrition is pretty clear cut. If you want to gain weight you need a calorie surplus, if you want to lose weight then you need a calorie deficit. For sports performance, the goal is to eat for recovery, but if you need to change weight then you need to adhere to the first two options also.
  2. The rest of your training. There are more suitable training protocols for different goals. How you build the rest of your training will impact on your results.

Drill 1


Work major muscle groups, increase session intensity and become more superhero.

Drill 2

High rep barbell back squats

-        Keep the weight relatively light and rep out for 4×20 reps . with 90 sec rest between sets. Pushing each set to the limit.

-        Work up to 30 reps per set


To pay for your salvation with self-sacrifice.

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