When you’re working to a fitness plan, the right exercises are only half the story. What you eat goes a long way to getting you to your ultimate goal.

Food and nutrition can be an incredibly daunting experience, especially if you’re new to it. If you’ve struggled to design your own meals in the past, then give it another go or look into getting someone to help you with this. It is tricky and takes some time to figure it out, but you can do it!


After a while it will be like you are reading ‘the matrix’. Numbers and percentages floating on the screen; detailing your carbs, fats and protein will soon be second nature.

As daunting as they are at first, they all help to build a picture of your meals and your nutritional intake.

Here are some ideas from my food plans to hopefully inspire you.

?    Carb Breakfast

?    Carb Lunch

?    Carb Dinner

?    Low Carb Breakfast

?    Low Carb Lunch

?    Low Carb Dinner

The quantities here have been left off as what is right for one person isn’t going to be right for another. Specificity is key.

For a full custom menu of these types of foods, get into a custom plan