It’s all well and good knowing that you need to get fit but having a sustainable training plan is the best way to do it. Without a plan that makes sense, demonstrates progress and delivers results, you are much less likely to sustain it. That’s human nature.


Play the Long Game

Everyone has to start somewhere. Powerful results are up for grabs for anyone who is willing to work hard to reach their goals. But it’s important not to overdo your training and become discouraged by not looking like a superhero overnight. Focus on the long game and slow, steady progress in order to keep going. Realistic results over a healthy period of time is the goal you should be aiming for. After all, Rome wasn’t built in a day but you can bet they laid a brick every hour.

Take a Break

Every training plan is different and tailored to your desired results and lifestyle. Many plans include a ‘back off week’ and cooling off period to aid recovery and prevent injury. While it can feel frustrating to step back from a fitness routine, keep your focus on the end goal and understand that your body needs to rest and recuperate in order to achieve its personal best.

Listen to your Body

We only have one body and it’s crucial to treat it right. If you have injuries, or aches or pains that might lead to injury, you need to be smart about it. Seek expert advice from your trainer and/or relevant medical professionals such as a physiotherapist. Exercising when your body is not up to it will not do you or your results any favours.

Calculate your Calories

A logical, effective nutrition plan is integral to your fitness routine. Calculate your calories correctly and don’t be tempted to go too low. It won’t get you to your final goal any faster. Instead, a lack of nutrition and a low calorie intake will open you up to uncontrollable hunger and deviation from the plan. It’s also very hard to concentrate when you haven’t eaten enough, which makes your workout even less effective.

Be Kind to Yourself

Eating well doesn’t mean cutting out all your favourite foods all the time. The trick is to understand your calories and stick to them. On the very rare occasion that you eat food not in your plan, even it out by adjusting your nutrition plan and calories over the following few days.

Have Fun!

Working out should be fun and, with such a wide range of fitness activities available, everyone is bound to find something they enjoy. Find the activities you look forward to and stick with them. That way, you will appreciate both the process and the end results.

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