Correct nutrition is crucial when it comes to getting shape. Balancing your energy intake and expenditure correctly will be the difference between success and failure.

In addition to getting your calories right you also need to have a good grasp of suitable macro breakdowns for your goals. This is where these high protein bites come in.

As muscles are made of protein, if you aren’t eating enough protein, you won’t be able to grow or even maintain muscle.

Protein has also been shown to be filling.  So if you’ve got a big appetite, eating a lot of protein will help prevent you from getting hungry again too soon.

Here is the recipe at 400 calories

45g Oats
Whey Protein 31g
Honey 1.5 tsp
Coconut Oil 1 tsp
Dried raspberry’s 18g

– Blend the oats and then mix with the whey, honey and melted coconut oil, add half the raspberries.

– Add a bit of water until you can roll into balls

– crush the remaining dried raspberries and roll the balls in the coating.

– Chill for 35 – 40 mins and enjoy

Remember for you to be successful in achieving your goals you need to enjoy the food you are eating. Forget the harsh or restrictive diets and focus on getting your calories righty. 

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