Why do we train hard and eat healthily? What is our reasoning behind it?

I can’t answer for you but I certainly know my reasons. I want to feel good, look good and to enjoy being and feeling healthy.

Look and Feel Great

For me, it’s pretty much that simple. I train hard all year round, I eat well all year round and because I am consistent, it gives me the opportunity to be flexible. I don’t worry about going out for a meal and enjoying myself with a couple of drinks or an indulgent dessert because I know that it won’t sabotage my results. I am dedicated with my training which means that I enjoy treating myself.

When it comes to going on holiday, a week off training will do me good. I am not that guy finding a gym when I am away. I work in a gym. Train in a gym. When I am out, I am out. It’s good for the body and the mind to have a break every so often and recover from all that hard work.

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Consistency in Training

So, I also want to tell you to give yourself a break. You don’t need to be perfect to get in shape and stay there. You just have to be consistent. The leaner you get, the more flexibility you have. The longer you are consistent, the more flexibility you have.

It’s important to be realistic and to be dedicated. Too often people are looking for a quick fix. If you need to get in shape in four weeks, then of course you can’t take a week off for a holiday or eat out half a dozen times.

Getting in shape, feeling and looking great are not going to happen overnight and they’re not going to happen without you putting in the work. Fitness is all about the long game, so set-long term goals and focus on consistency.

Long-Term Goals

A day off the plan won’t ruin your long-term goals but make sure you get right back it the next day. And don’t let it get you down if you slip off the fitness wagon and miss a class on Friday because you’d rather go out with friends.

Just work extra hard on Saturday and don’t let missing your sessions become a habit. The old saying goes that you put in what you get out and that couldn’t be truer when it comes to your personal fitness. Don’t punish yourself for a bad day or a holiday.

I know that it can be a struggle to get back in the gym after a break but as long as you prioritise your fitness, it shouldn’t be a problem. Keeping fit is your ticket to good health and feeling great about yourself, so it shouldn’t be all that difficult to get back into it.

It’s important to understand that fitness is a long-term dedication with long-term progress. If you stumble and fall, get up and move on. Even if you make it to the gym and have a session that wasn’t quite up to scratch, you’re still beating that person sitting on the sofa.

Plus, we all know that feeling after a great training session when you’re just buzzing. I don’t know about you, but after a break I can’t wait to get that feeling again!

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