We all have the potential to achieve great results in the gym or on our fitness goals whatever they might be. We are not all built the same nor want the same things so we cannot all expect the same end point. But we can all become the very best version of ourselves. 

I have been a personal trainer for over a decade. In this time, I have worked with thousands of people from the top Hollywood actors, biggest CEO’s in business to the everyday gym warriors like myself. 

It’s fair to say I have seen thousands of amazing fitness transformations. But I have also seen people struggle to achieve their potential.  

Why do some people smash their goals and others seem to make little or no progress? I’m not talking about genetic potential here or our body types. This is more individual than that. What is it that makes some people seem to achieve all of their goals whilst others struggle to even drop a couple of KGs? This isn’t just a case of potential, so let’s take a look at the big picture and what is influencing their results. 


Focus vs variation 

In order to achieve a goal that goal has to be clear. We simply cannot create a successful plan without focussed goals. One of the key reasons for success in certain individuals is the ability to focus and stick to a goal. Having this point fixed means you can effectively plan. If your goals vary every week or even every month you cannot plan effectively and will also not progress consistently. Poor planning will equal poor results, it’s as simple as that.  

Having a focussed goal is crucial and it leads on to every other point on this plan. I know sometimes it can be hard to stay focussed and stick to a single goal at a time but trust me when I say this essential for long term progress. 

Accuracy vs guess work 

This battle leads on very nicely from the first. It’s a matter of planning. 

You simply cannot expect results if you haven’t planned for them.  

To bring the best out in someone’s performance and accomplishments there are some key elements to address. 

Calorie needs

If you do not know your calorie needs you cannot be certain of how your body will change. Too many people leave this factor to guess work. This is one of the most important aspects to consider. Do you know the calorie requirements for you to reach your goals? Do you need a calorie surplus? Do you need a deficit? Do you need a surplus for 12 weeks followed by a deficit for 12 weeks? Planning and accuracy in this section will provide the majority of the outcome of your training. So don’t leave it it chance when your results depend on it. 

Training stimulus 

Is your training creating enough demand for change? And is this demand pointing you in the direction of your goals. Making sessions up on the spot and dipping in and out of a plan will not provide you what you need to adapt and develop. Focus on consistency of movements and progression through either volume, intensity or density of your training.  


Do you know roughly your macro breakdown? Do you know what macros will do best for you to achieve your goals? 

If you do then great work! This is a very important part of the planning process. If you don’t then assuming you have set a goal you need to get your research head on and get planning your macros. Macro distribution is very important for changes in body composition and performance. If you want serious results then make sure you understand this section. 

Consistency vs short lived effort 

Long term consistency brings in the biggest changes. Not short-lived effort.

Who will bring the best results?

Someone who works at 80% for a month or someone who hits a week at 100% but then drops off the plan completely. 

Consistency will always win here. You don’t have to be consistently perfect. You just have to work at it effectively long term.  

For the best results, we are talking about years of solid work. Not months. Not week. Not days. If you want to achieve great results then you need to be in this for the Long haul. So, get comfy.  

Intensity vs running through the motions 

Is training only hard for beginners? Will it get easier?

I recently released a training video. As a response to this video I got a lot of comments along the line of “I can’t believe you found that so hard” ” I was surprised to see you struggle with the weights” “it was motivating to see you have the decrease the weight”

Time for a little honesty. If your training isn’t hard then you are doing it wrong. 

If you are not challenging yourself each session then why would your body need to adapt and progress. If it can comfortably handle the stress it will not.

Don’t think that the longer you train for the easier it will get to progress. Trust me it doesn’t. You will have to work even harder to bring in results. 

Patients vs high expectations 

When you look around and see people in great shape you can be certain of one thing. It didn’t happen overnight. 

I am not saying this to discourage you. Quite the opposite in fact. 

Patient is one of the most underrated elements of a fitness plan. I know we have expectations of what we want and how long it will take but sometimes this needs to reassessed. 

Patients can work in your favour. If you have patients in your results then you will give your training the time it needs, the time it deserves to achieve fantastic results.  

Lifestyle vs perfection

Don’t strive for perfection strive for consistency. 

If you want to be in this for serious results then your training and nutrition has to fit into your lifestyle. Not the other way round. 

Let’s look some examples. 

I have a photo shoot in 4 days. This weekend I went for dinner with my wife and daughter at an Italian restaurant. I suggested it even though I am on a diet. I have been eating out of Tupperware for a month. 

But my family is my priority. I got a steak salad and some meat ball. Not perfect but not bad either. 

Get your balance right and make sure you are consistently heading in the right direction. If your calories are well planned one burger won’t make you fat just like one salad doesn’t make you thin.

Worry less about the things that don’t matter and more about getting the basics and your plan right.

If you need any help with you plan take a look at the options here.

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