My grip is limiting my lifts, what gives?

Grip strength is often overlooked put it is massively important for a successful weight training campaign.


• Grip strength is important for all of your pulling movements
• Grip strength is heavily linked to your central nervous system, heavy lifts with white knuckle grip strength fatigue the CNS but with correct recovery not only boost strength but also help to fire up the CNS for your big lifts.
• Train to boost grip strength
• Higher rep deadlift sets (12-15reps) – using a double overhand grip
• High rep single arm rows 20-30reps
•Timed neutral grip pull up dead hangs

Tips for an easy big boost in grip strength

• Deadlifts, this is one of the key lifts where grip can be a limiting factor – try a hook grip, one over and one under, alternate each set.

• Chalk up! This is hugely important and will add kgs and reps to your PR, especially if you have clammy hands like me. I travel everywhere with a bag of chalk, I have been stopped and questioned at customs several times. But at least my grip won’t let me down.

A note on chalk, if like me when you travel you take a clear plastic bag with chalk in it then be prepared to be investigated.

Having said this for me chalk is one of the most important tools on ensuring my grip isn’t the weakest link in my chain. To miss a PB due to my clammy hands is pretty gutting. So train your grip and chalk up!


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