Do all of your sets and reps need to be in the “hypertrophy” rep ranges for maximum muscle gain or muscle maintenance?

For muscle building and muscle maintenance the majority of your training should be based around standard hypertrophy rep ranges, rest periods and session format.

Muscle building requires mechanical stress and progressive overload for long term results, you should therefore ensure you are working at the right intensity. The intensity of each set is crucial and you should take appropriate rest to ensure you can continually lift heavy.

However mechanical stress isn’t the only system for muscle gain.

Metabolic stress also contributes


Metabolic stress is brought on:

· The lack of oxygen supply in the muscles due to the trapping of blood.
· The build-up of metabolic byproducts such as lactate.
· The “pump” of the muscles due to the pooling of blood.
Chasing the pump isn’t a bad thing when it comes to muscle building.

Performing exercises within your session to achieve mechanical stress and metabolic stress will bring the best results.

For mechanical stress focus on heavier loads and longer rest.

For metabolic stress you can utilise higher reps and shorter rest periods.

Give this session a try

Bench press 4×8 reps 2min rest and repeat

Pull ups 4×8 reps 2 min rest and repeat

Chest press 4×10 reps 90sec rest and repeat

Seated row 4×10 reps 90sec rest and repeat

3 degree drop 3×8+8+8 2min rest and repeat

Narrow chins + Dumbbell curls + Cross body curls 3x max reps + 12 +12 2min rest and repeat

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