Contrary to popular belief, training from home doesn’t mean an automatic sacrifice of results. While many people believe that the distractions will prove too much, I have seen fantastic results with my clients that work out from home.

Determination and the right attitude are all you need to get your workouts started – that will happen in the gym or at home if you want it enough. Then it’s all about creating a good workout plan.


Your Ultimate Home Gym Kit List

So, where you do you begin? While your average gym might have all the high-tech kit, it’s easy to put together the ultimate home gym kit list for serious results. I would recommend:

  • Squat cage (with chin and dip)
  • Adjustable bench
  • Barbell and plates
  • Adjustable dumbbells
  • Your body weight and bundles of motivation!

This kind of home gym set-up won’t cost the world – you can probably pick everything up on the list for the same cost of a couple of years of local gym membership. Two years down the line and you’re in profit!

From the Sofa to the Squat Cage

As I mentioned already, the biggest problem that my clients come across with working out at home is a lack of motivation. It’s much easier to skip a session when your gym is only a few yards from your sofa. Whilst it may be harder to get motivated at home, it is often actually easier to get a workout done as it saves bundles of time. Even if your drive to the gym takes just 20 minutes each way, when you are busy and life is chaotic this can be the stretch that will stop you from training.

In Your Own Time

With working out from home, you can do it on your own time and schedule – after the kids are in bed, during their afternoon nap or even early in the morning before everyone has woken up. If you work from home, you can fit fitness around your deadlines to give a positive, healthy break away from your desk.

It’s good to keep your body guessing with a flexible workout that can take place at any time of day – alternatively, you may find that setting a certain time works best for you and that’s great, too. There’s nothing like starting the day with a workout to get you mind and body pumping, and to improve your fitness in your own time. The feeling of achievement is unparalleled.

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