A sit down with Chris reveals the most-important aspects of every transformation journey. Why not use his experience as your own road map?

We’ll see you at the destination.

How long have you been training? Has it always been part of your life?
CP: I’ve been training for the past 15 years. I’ve stuck with it based on the benefits I have received both physically and mentally. I’m a huge fan of training and eating right to feel better.

What made you decide to start coaching with David?
CP: As soon as I found out that he was responsible for Hugh Jackman’s physique, I was sold. He’s such a straight to the point, no BS, all results trainer. Previously I had relied on the black hole of information that is the internet, and I found myself jumping from one training method to the next. Having David come on board put an end to that.

Had you ever had a coach/trainer before this?
CP: For me to get a coach, it really had to be someone that was elite. Someone that had more to offer me than my current level of knowledge. David was the first and only coach that I will ever use, due to his expertise with a wide range of training methods and very sound nutrition.

Your transformation pictures speak for themselves. Can you share 3 tips to people looking to follow in your footsteps?
CP: 1-Establish your Bullseye. You want to know your exact goal and the timeline that you will complete it by. I find it helps to picture it as a Bullseye, because the Bullseye is always in the “dead center” and always the smallest part on the target, which is ironic because it happens to be the most important part.

2-Establish Who you need to become in order to make this happen. Do you need to be more patient, do you need to stop making excuses? Do you need to stop making things a big deal that aren’t? Do you need to stop buying into the illusion that you aren’t good enough? These are just some of the more common things that I see individuals struggle with.

3-Establish your Vehicle. The vehicle, in my case the David Kingsbury Training Method, is what is going to take you from A to B. It is the part of the plan that is going to be responsible for the results that you achieve. Find a vehicle and stick to it.

After 4 years working with david online you recently visited him in the UK. How was it working on a film set with him?
CP: It was even better than I expected. Getting to work with and watch David was a true privilege. He trains each actor with the utmost attention to detail, and he does it effortlessly. He doesn’t act like a drill sergeant, and you can see not only the respect he has for each actor, but also the respect that they have for him.

Part of your work is fueling elite athletes. How does the approach with athletes vary from us not so elite?
CP: I would say the main difference is in terms of quantity of fuel due to the rigorous demands on professional athletes. These guys have to maintain muscle while performing at optimal levels. For the not so elite, we would likely use the same fuel, however the quantity would differ greatly due to the difference in activity levels.

What are your 5 top tips for fitness progress?
CP: 1-Find someone knowledgable that can guide you through the process in the safest and most efficient way possible.
2-Decide once and for all to commit, and don’t allow anything to break this commitment.
3-Be patient and enjoy the journey, really learn to love the process of transforming your body and your mind.
4-Be grateful for the ability to take this journey and all results that come with it.
5-Pay it forward- remember than anytime you are transforming yourself, you are giving others hope that they can do the same, and this really is what life is about.

Week in, week out we see stories like Chris’. Everyday, new people take up the challenge. All hours regular men and women are putting in the effort prescribed by Team Kingsbury. The clock is ticking. Is this your moment to change?




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