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Fat Loss Addition to Base Weights

Back in #2, I talked about base weights. Now we’re going to add ‘fat loss’ to the mix.

Base weights, as I mentioned, are the starting block; the foundation on which we’re going to build your plan. As you get stronger, fitter and healthier, we need to revisit that to keep pushing your body on to bigger and better things. Did someone say “Progressive overload”?


In the same way that no food is created equally, no exercise is either. Some exercises are more beneficial to fat loss, whilst others are more suited to building muscle. Here we’re going to look at adding fat loss exercises to those base weights we spoke about.

There are many exercises that are great for fat loss. Arguably, any exercise will help with fat loss to some degree, but we’re going for those hardcore exercises. The ones that really push you, really test your resolve and really make you feel like you’ve achieved something. I told you this plan is not a PG rating!

Here is what I would add to the mix to get the most out of your new found base weights and healthy eating.

Fat loss extension

After 1 – Deck of Cards 

Shuffle the deck very well. Then pull cards from the top. The number on the card is the number of reps for the exercise.

Hearts - Squats

Diamonds - Shoulder press

Clubs - Squat thrusts

Spades- Shuttle runs (10m)

Joker – 1 min rest

Picture cards are 10 reps, if you are fit Ace is the 11 reps , if you are not as fir ace is 1 rep.

After 2 – Intervals (bike or rower)

4x15sec max effort with 2 min rest between

2x1min max efforts 2min easy between

1x3min maximum sustained effort.

After 3

30min Power walk 

In addition to these if you have extra time to work on dropping bodyfat then adding some extra 45-60min Low intensity cardio. The addition of an extra 1-2 deck of cards sessions per week will also help.

Remember to factor in all this exercise when working on your calories.




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