This vlog covers a bit about my work, some interval footage (a rarity for me these days) I also talk through my current calories and macros to demonstrate the way I eat.

In the brief nutrition section I talk through how I easily incorporate some carb cycling, how I balance my meals and snacks to reach my calories.

I don’t follow a IIFYM, flexible dieting or use tools like MyFitnessPal to tally up my calories and macros. I have a menu I follow. Everything is calculated. Everything is optimised.

For me this is much easier as it ensures I am eating what I should be. It keeps life simple of me when I have so many other things to be worrying about rather than hitting my daily carbs/proteins/fats for the day.

I will cover how I maintain this long term with eating out and “treats” in a video down the line.

Check back later in the week for info on my weight training sessions and also my progress 5 days in!