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Building Batman, Sculpting Superman - Featuring David Kingsbury

Building Batman, Sculpting Superman - Featuring David Kingsbury

So apparently I'm the man to talk to when it comes to training any superhero now :)

The BBC contacted me asking for my advice for a show that has just been published on the BBC iPlayer, Building Batman, Sculpting Superman. Working with DJ Dev from BBC Radio 1. We spent the day filming and discussing what it takes to get into superhero shape. 

Why not take a look for yourself.

Visit the iPlayer to view the video: VIEW HERE NOW

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I’m David Kingsbury, a personal trainer with over 12 years experience. After opening my own personal training studio at Pinewood Film Studios, I began training actors for film roles. I have since trained over 50 lead actors for various roles, in films such as; Wolverine, Xmen - Days of Future Past, Assassins Creed, Life and Les Misérables.

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