Evolve your bicep and tricep growth with David Kingsbury – the man who turned Hugh Jackman into the t-shirt tearing Wolverine

Most men want bigger arms. But few understand the most effective formula when it comes to eliciting serious growth in the quickest time possible. That’s where I come in: the moment Hollywood studios want results fast.

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You will have probably heard that to build bigger arms you need to focus on your compound lifts. This is true. But truer still is the fact that mixing compound moves such as the chin-up with some targeted, smart isolation moves will double-time that development. The magic comes in the design behind your sets and reps. I’m going to give you part of my winning potion here.

It’s important to remember that your arms don’t want to be big. Bulk in excess is unnecessary to your body – it wants to stay economical and therefore as lean as possible to function. But by combining these two movement patterns you’ll be tricking your body into thinking you throw boulders for a living. Your biceps and triceps will have no choice but to grow.

The workout:

Factoring in slow eccentric lifts will yield greater muscle gain. Protein synthesis after eccentric focused lifting is improved and it preferentially recruits fast twitch fibres which have more potential to grow during your big lifts. These combined will help create a positive environment in the muscles for added mass.

By performing the slow eccentric sets followed by the higher rep sets you will stimulate all of your muscle fibres to grow. Leaving no stone unturned on the road to massive guns.

Set one:

Narrow Chin – 5x 30sec negative phase (1-2 reps)


Cable curls – 5x 15 reps

Set two:

Floor press 5 x 8 reps (4second negative)


Med ball push ups 5x 12 reps

And that’s all you need. Of course, fuel is essential to allow them to grow. I recommend using a quality carbohydrate like highly branched cyclic dextrin paired with BCAA during training to maximise results. I’ll see you on set.


P.S. Massive thanks for Team Kingsbury hall of famer Chris Pixley for sending across this video. Chris has been following my plans for a number of years now. He is the best customer you could ever have. Dedicated. Hard working. Inspiring

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