Thanks for taking the time to check out my new blog post.

This is a new style of video for me so I would love your feedback and if you would like to see more full length training videos.

I am probably best known for my work with the biggest superheros and villains in the film industry with a lot of my reputation based on getting peoples pipes bigger!!!

This is a full length video of one of my recent arm sessions.

4×6 Narrow Bench

4×6 Pull up – overhand narrow

3×6+12 Dips + push ups

3×6+12 chins + cable curls

3×12+12 Tricep pushdowns

3×12+12 zottman curls + cross body curls

Give this session a go and get that fat arm Friday feeling!

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“The biggest surprise to me was how little I actually had to train and how good the food recipes were.”


“David, you’re literally THE BEST! Thank You so much for your EXPERT guidance through my MOVIE PREP and BEYOND! Grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with you. We’re just getting STARTED!”


“I used to see myself as overweight. 30. Depressed. Not happy with how I looked. I needed to do something. I now have to do a double take as I get used to my six-pack.”