Firstly, happy new year!

It’s a super motiving time for most people and a time when ambition and belief is high. With great intensions people kick off the year with a focus on getting fit and healthy, but good intention isn’t enough by itself.

Roughly 80% of resolutions fail by mid-February.

So how can you be on the 20% of people that see it through and make a long-lasting change?


1. Enjoy the process

Too many people will start the new year with an exercise routine they don’t enjoy. If you don’t enjoy the type of exercise or the amount of exercise you are doing you will not sustain it. Choose a type and level of exercise you can enjoy and can sustain and match it with a nutrition plan that is calculated for your goals.

A lot of satisfaction and enjoyment from exercise also comes from the seeing positive progress, so make sure you get your nutrition right as your results rest on making the right food choices.

2. Don’t go at it alone

Taking on the challenge of getting in shape by yourself is an ominous one. Knowing what to do in the gym, what to eat, when to eat and trying to stay self-motivated is a big task for anyone to take on alone.

The truth is you don’t need to do it by yourself and history says you are MUCH more likely to be successful if you have a coach, training partner or support group.

Lots of people will be in exactly the same position as you in January, so partner up and work together for the added accountability.

For the best chance of success get expert help.

3. Don’t go too hard on the wrong things

Drastic diets, marathon gym sessions and brutal detoxes are the big thing in January. Gyms are at their busiest and fads diets peak.

Don’t get caught up in this, don’t go too hard too quickly. Getting in shape requires consistency and you will achieve much better results if you take a sustainable approach vs one that sees you work hard for 2 weeks then give up.

Don’t take on more than you can manage training wise, you don’t need to.

Don’t take a drastic approach with your diet, in the long run it won’t help.

Focus on an exercise routine you can manage and then take a calculated approach to nutrition, one where your calories are not too low, and you can still eat food you enjoy.

4. Be consistent

Set short- and long-term goals to keep you motivated, on track and consistent. It’s important to look at what you want to achieve each month to keep you focussed day to day, but you should also have a big picture built in. Results do take time, so you need to find a way of training and eating that’s goal focussed as well as being enjoyable and sustainable.

5. Remember why

Why do you want to get in shape and get healthy? We all have our reasons, whether it be to looking good for dating, keeping up with the kids or feel healthy as we get older.

What’s important is you know exactly why you want it, how it would improve your life and what the consequences of being unsuccessful would be.

This is a super powerful tool to keeping on track through the toughest situations when you would normally crack and fall off the wagon.

Ask yourself often if your actions are helping you reach your SPECIFIC goals or pushing you further from them.

Now go and make 2019 your fittest year yet with an enjoyable and sustainable approach to health and fitness. Get help, get calculated and achieve your best ever results.

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